Welcome to the Simple Blogpost Journal. This journal was first initiated on the 5th October 2019, during the Navaratri Festival time. Today was the Saraswati pooja day, and hence an auspicious day. The project was completed on the 6th October 2019, on the Durgasthami Day. Another auspicious day. The idea is to publish some interesting thing on the internet on your own platform, as a proof of your success. This app is created using the MEAN stack, uses EJS templates and you are welcome to be a part of the story.

Beginning on an auspicious day

Today is the day. 6th of October 2019. I was able to post my own blogpost application. Also, today i ...Read More

Nobel prize 2019 announcements

On this Vijaya dashami day, James Peebles, Michael Mayor and Didier Queloz shared Physics prize. For ...Read More

Noble Prize on Literature

Today, the Noble Literature Prize was announced and the prize went to Nobel prizes in literature: Ol ...Read More

The Pandemic of the century

Today, we touched 1.5 million infected of corona virus in the world. US alone is staring a half-mil ...Read More

Today, Jair M Bolsanaro, President of Brazil, request NaMo for HCQ

President of Brazil, Mr. Jair M Bolsanaro, requested NaMo for HCQ to save millions of Brazilians fro ...Read More

Tokyo pays for its businesses to leave China

The incentive is part of the $ 989 billion stimulus launched to avoid a recession. The government is ...Read More

Trump punishes WHO

Donald Trump, today, freezes the US contribution to WHO, as he righty said, WHO has completely faile ...Read More

William admits coronavirus fears for Charles, Queen

Britain's Prince William on Friday spoke about his 'concern' for his father, Prince Charles, after t ...Read More

WHA of WHO holds China responsible for Wuhan Virus Pandemic in the world

WHA, today, overwhelmingly opposed China's version on the pandemic and asked it to toe the request f ...Read More

India gives China a bloddy nose!

After a successful snubbing by India to China in Doklam, yesterday, Indian troops engaged Chinese an ...Read More